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mkMediaLabs’ incorporating (Marc Klein Analytics) social media monitoring and analysis tools enable  you to quickly understand, and  respond to the most important conversations about your company’s  web presence.
The  analytic tools are incorporated into our comprehensive  Media Portal so you can compare and contrast your social and mainstream coverage with our multi platform widgets to  identify trends, attitudes, opinions and online  reputation.

Data Analytics
Data is growing by the day our analysis tools helps you understand hidden patterns, unknown correlations, trends and other useful business information and make sense of your data.At mkmedialabs we love to hear from you – if you have any questions, comments or just fancy a chat,get in touch via our contact us page.

Dean R Feldman
Lead Investor/ Director
Dean's CVenture Partners funds us and is based in Israel & Menlo Park, California. He specializes in angel funding and incubating start-ups. He provides an appropriate blend of the business experience and financial resources necessary for building market leading companies. Contact Dean ( Tel aviv) +972 33741948 ( UK) + 44 7464426442 ( USA) + 1 800 979 741 948 Email D.feldman@mkmedialabs.com or d.feldman@ cventureglobal.is
Kish Vashanjee
Lead software developer
Kish is a creator, designer, developer and dabbler by night. During the day he runs the technical stuff that only he understands
Martin Karanda
Fintech Analyst
Martin takes care our billing and all the financial work including a portfolio of UK and European clients.
Kev " Scotty" McGregor
Scotty takes care of our daily operations operating from Madrid,Tel a viv , London or San Francisco. Best get him on his IG

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